Book rooms and conference facilities

Premises in Ekonomikum can be rented. The size varies from small group rooms to auditoriums with several hundred seats. The level of equipment varies between the halls. In all halls there is a chalkboard and/or whiteboard as well as a data/video projector.

Premises for rent

  • Auditorium/lecture hall 4 (244 seats)
  • Auditorium/lecture hall 3 (274 seats)
  • Auditorium/lecture hall 2 (95 seats)
  • Auditorium/lecture hall 1 (143 seats)
  • A114 (64 seats)
  • H425 (48 seats)
  • B115 (60 seats)
  • A144, B153 (48 seats)
  • A138, A156, B139, B159, F416, H317 (32 seats)
  • A122, B105, B125, B163 (24 seats)
  • A204, H325 (16 seats)

Information about the size and availability of premises on a certain day and time in is available in Ekonomikum’s premises booking view.

Coffee, lunch or gala dinner?

If a complete arrangement with refreshments is desired, restaurant Humlan can deliver everything from the simplest coffee to a large gala dinner. Contact restaurant Humlan on phone 018-36 70 60 or 0733-10 79 47 for more information.

Book premises

Booking form and more detailed information when renting premises in Ekonomikum (pdf). Fill in the form directly on the computer. Print, sign and send to Uppsala University, Ekonomikum, Reception, Box 513, 751 20 Uppsala. It is also possible to scan and email the form to

Before each booking, a risk analysis must be carried out and the event organiser must complete a risk assessment checklist (digital form). Risk analysis and security at events.

Questions about room rental and room booking?

Contact Ekonomikum’s reception if you have questions about room rental and room booking.

Employee – book premises

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Last modified: 2023-01-18