First aid

First aid equipment such as adhesive plasters, bandages and wound cleanser wipes are available at the reception at Ekonomikum.

Fire and evacuation

Knowledge of your workplace and study place at Ekonomikum, as well as the house and escape routes, can be crucial in a crisis situation.

Keep up to date by studying the evacuation plans you will find adjacent to all stairwells and exits. On the evacuation plan, you will find, among other things, information on what to do in the event of a fire and where evacuation routes and assembly points are located.

Waste management

Properly sorted, the waste becomes a valuable resource that is used for new products or energy. This reduces energy consumption and reduces the use of natural resources. Help by sorting your waste in the sorting furnitures (sorteringsmöbler) available at Ekonomikum.

Contact persons environment and safety

Contact persons for questions about environment and safety at Ekonomikum:

Crisis and distress
  • Call SOS Alarm 112
  • Inform at the University emergency number 018-471 2500
  • Meet rescue vehicles – show the way for rescue services and police
  • Evacuate if necessary

More about crisis and crisis support at Uppsala University

Last modified: 2023-02-16