Student areas

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At Ekonomikum, you who are a student at Uppsala University can find your favourite places to carry out your studies.

Study places and group study rooms

Study and reading places in the form of chairs or sofas and tables are available in several different places at Ekonomikum. There are also several group study rooms – some of the group study rooms you can book and some are first come, first served.

Study places and bookable group rooms at Library for Economic Sciences

  • G205
  • G207
  • G209
  • G211
  • G213

Bookable group rooms in the library, find them via the indoor map (Mazemap)

Study places and bookable group rooms at Library for Economic Sciences, more information on the university library’s website.

Book group rooms

Bookable group rooms in Tryckeriet

  • A172a (6 seats)
  • A172b (2 seats)
  • A172c (4 seats)
  • A172d (4 seats)
  • A175a (1 seat)
  • A175b (1 seat)
  • A175c (6 seats)

Find the bookable group rooms in Tryckeriet via the indoor map (Mazemap)

Book group rooms

Non-bookable group rooms

Find more study places via the indoor map of Economics (Mazemap)

Computer rooms

Student computer rooms on campus and libraries

Student kitchenettes and lunch rooms

At Ekonomikum you can heat and eat your lunch box. You can also store it in a refrigerator. Remember to keep it tidy and do not leave food in the refrigerator.

Find lunch rooms via the indoor map Mazemap:

Lockers, serenity room, baby changing room and rest room

Lockers are available by the reception. Serenity room is in room B167 and baby changing room is available in Lokstallarna room C207. If you need a rest room, contact the reception.

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